Our History

Inspired by a love of music and motivated by a desire to implement their technical prowess, Yianni and Dimitri set up Matrix Studio in 2002. With 15 years’ experience working as sound engineers in the music industry and in television, the co-founders decided to utilise their skills and create a studio which would have high quality equipment and a personalised approach to their craft.

The inspiration for the name of the studio is deeply rooted in the etymology of the Greek word ‘mitra’, which also refers to a part of a console. They set about creating a space that is both inviting and technically superior. Careful attention to detail is paid in order to enable a sound-recording experience which is of an outstanding quality. Dimitri and Yianni focused on creating a Control Room based on the most up-to-date specifications. Having had the experience of researching and designing studios for others, they set about using their expertise to create their own.

By 2004 – in just two years – the studio had an impressive array of equipment including the Trident B Range, one of twenty ever made, expanding its capabilities and productivity. Two additional analog Tape machines (Studer A820 MCH) completed the 32 channels of the Apogee Converters. Yianni and Dimitri further refined and developed the Control Room by installing a pair of ATC SCM100A as the main monitor system.

Furthermore, the studio boasts a wide selection of microphones, hi end converters, outboard processors and instruments, including a DW drum set and Classic vintage amplifiers. In 2009 the studio was further expanded by adding a second recording room and renovating the ‘meet and greet’ area.

In 2014, we replaced the Trident with the SSL 4000E; the most iconic console in the world and the most sought-after piece of equipment for sound engineers and producers alike. To gain a more authentic sound, we have successfully utilised outboards in combination with plugins.

At Matrix studio we understand the importance of establishing a positive, collaborative atmosphere to respond to your recording needs. Yianni and Dimitri provide a friendly, well-informed service in a technically advanced studio. The diverse and extensive client list includes artists from a vast array of genres; telecommunication companies; TV channels; advertising and marketing companies. For further information do not hesitate to contact Matrix Studio.

The Team

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Yiannis Petroyiannis

Yiannis Petroyiannis was born in 1969 and is married with 2 children. He has studied Physics at the Hellenic Open University; Sound Engineering at IEK AKMI; Classical Harmony at the National Conservatory of Athens and Jazz guitar at Philippos Nakas Conservatory. As a professional musician, he used his technical knowledge to work as a columnist for a technical magazine for 10 years. Since 1995, he has worked as a sound engineer at Mega Channel. In cooperation with Dimitris, he founded the Matrix studio where he works as a sound engineer and producer.
<?php echo Dimitris Misirlis

Dimitris Misirlis

Having graduated from the prestigious Alchemea College in London, and earned a distinction in a Sound Engineering and Production course, he went on to co-found the Matrix Studio in Athens, in 2002. His engineering skills and commitment to recording, mixing and mastering has been recognised, as he has been credited on a large number of albums and projects. Since the late 1990s, Dimitri has worked in the music industry, as well as a broadcast and live sound engineer. Working with a range of bands, straddling all genres has allowed Dimitri to develop a flexible and versatile style. He is very enthusiastic and has collaborated with artists from all over the world, producing albums and singles that are praised for the warm and analog feel that they deliver.


Control Room A



SSL 4032 E




Yamaha NS10M Studio / Rotel RB1070 Power Amp, Genelec 8020a floating



Apogee AD16X Converter

Apogee DA16X Converter

Apogee Rosetta 800 Converter (X2) /p>



Avalon VT-737sp Mic PreAmp (floating), Drawmer DS 201 Dual Gate, Valley People Dynamite Dual Comp/Exp/Lim, Lexicon PCM 60 Digital Reverb, Vintage AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb, Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor Compressor, Avalon VT-747sp Mastering Comp/Eq, Eventide H3000 -D/SE Harmonizer, TC Electronics TC 2290 Digital Delay, Joemeek TwinQ’s Dual Comp/EQ, Brooke Siren Systems DPR-402 Dual/Comp/Lim/DeEss, Crane Song STC8 Dual Mastering Compressor, 2 x vintage SSL 5000 EQ, 2 x vintage Trident CB9066 EQ (floating)



Steinberg Nuendo 6

Avid Protools 11

Studer A820 24Ch Reel to Reel Tape Recorder

Control Room B





Digidesign D-Command



Genelec 8020a (floating)

KRK6000 / Alesis RA100 Power Amp

Yamaha NS 10M Studio / Rotel RB1070 Power Amp, Genelec 8020a



Digidesign 192 I/O Converter/Audio Interface



Prerequisite PreAmp, Αvalon VT-737 Mic PreAmp (floating), Vintage SSL 5000 EQ (x2), Trident CB9066EQ, Presonus Digimax FS PreAmp/Converter



Digidesign Protools HD 8.1

Live & Rehearshal Rooms



 Mackie Onyx 1640i, Behringer XAIR XR18, JBL MPX600 PowerAmp,  JBL SP212A Speakers, Lexicon MPX200


Mackie 1402 VLZ Mixer, JBL MP415 Speakers, Crown XLS602 PowerAmp, TC NR1 Nova Reverb





Shure SM 57 (x4), SM 58 (x2), Shure SM81 (x2), Beta 58, Beta 52A, SM 55

AKG C414B ULS pair, C 451 pair, D12, D112

Sennheiser MD421 (x2)

Neumann Vintage U87i

Coles STC4038 pair

DPA 4006A (x2)

Beyer TG 88

No Hype Audio LRM2 pair

Bing Carbon Mic

SE Electronics SE2A pair

Telefunken TD200

Octava MK319 Lomo Tube Mod



Fender Telecaster RE 1954

Fender Stratocaster Standard 1983

Ibanez Artist AS 200

Santa Cruz D-PW


Yamaha U1


Korg M1


Guitar Amplifiers

Fender Twin Reverb SF (1979)

Fender Super Reverb BF (1967)

Fender Bassman Handwired P2P Replica

Fender Tweed Deluxe Handwired P2P Replica

ENGL Fireball 100

Marshall JCM2555SL Slash Signature

Vox AC100 (1964)

Vox AC 30 Handwired P2P Replica

Orange OR100

Mesa Boogie Studio 22+

Line 6 Spider Valve HD100

Silvertone Vintage Tube Amp

Bass Amplifiers

Warwick Tubepath 10.1

Mesa Boogie Basis M2000

Mark Bass Little Mark III

Tech 21 VTBASS 500

Bass & Guitar Cabs

Marshall 1960AV (4x12)

Marshall JCM800 Bass Series


Ampeg SVT410HE

Ampeg SVT610HLF

ADA w 1X15'' EV speaker


Drum Sets

DW Collectors (22'',10'',12'',14'')

Sonor Force3007 (22'',10'',12'',14'')

Gretch Catalina (24'',13'',16'',18)

Ludwig LM400 (14'' x 5'') Supraphonic Snare

Premier Super 4 (14'' x 4'') Vintage Snare

DW Collectors (14'' x 5'') Maple Snare

Sonor 3007 (14'' x 5.5'') Maple Snare

Gretsch Catalina Mahogany Snare (14''x6.5'')

Ziljian 13,7/14" K-Custom Session Hi Hat


Music Production





Post Production



Location Recording

TV Productions


Audio Montage





8 Track Demo

Video Clip

On Line



Drum Replacing



 per Hourper Day
* In house Engineer Inclusive
** Assistant Engineer Inclusive
Studio A: * 30 €* 250 €
Studio B: * 25 €* 200 €
Lockout Facility :* 35 €* 300 €
Control Room A :**20 €**180 €
Control Room B :**12 €**100 €
Live Room A :14 €120 €
Live Room B :13 €110 €
Engineer :10 €100 €
Assistant Engineer :5 €50 €
Rehearsal Room A :12 €-
Rehearsal Room B :11 €-


 Single or 1st SongAdditional Song10 Songs in Total
Mastering45 €25 €270 €
Stem Mastering60 €30 €330 €
Additional Format+20%+20%+20%


Additional Charges 
New 2″ RMG Studio 762m Magnetic Tape220 € 32′ Min Duration at 15IPS
Tape Machine Alignment50 €
Used 2” RMG Studio 762m Magnetic Tape10€ per Song
Piano tunning25 €


All above prices are VAT exclusive



1550, 7 Odds, Adedeji Adetayo, Agatus, Allison, Alter Tv, Angelika Dusk, Bandage, Βασίλης Παπακωνσταντίνου, Birthmark, Bootstroke, Γρηγόρης Κλιούμης, DSF, DUSK, Δημήτρης Μητσοτάκης, Ελένη Βιτάλη, Ενδελέχεια, Express Publishing, Fool in the Box, Foss Productions, Given Free Rein, Greg Giarelis, Group Parody, Happy Dog Project, Illusory, Katerina Duska, Kill Goliath, Κώστας & Αλέξανδρος Χατζής, Κώστας Τουρνάς, Λάκης Παπαδόπουλος, Λαυρέντης Μαχαιρίτσας, LEON of Athens, Lumiere, Μάρθα Φριτζίλα, Marina Satti, Mega Channel, Nightstalker, Νικήτας Κλιντ, No Man’s Land, Panos Birbas, Plague, Philharmongrell, Project Renegade, Puta Volcano, Rima oud duo, Rita Mosss, Ρόδες, Rosewood Brothers, RSN,Secrecy of State, SMA RA GDA, Sta Vento, Σταύρος Λάντσιας, Syntelia, The Noiz Figures, Terrapin, Wind Telecomunications, Wolfy Funk Project, Χρήστος Παπαδόπουλος, Zemial


Dimitris Mitsotakis: Music Producer Songwriter,

Frontyard: Record Label,

George Koltsiou: Music Producer – Arranger

George Bokos: Music Producer – Arranger,

Nikos Goudinakis: Sound Engineer – Producer,

Xristos Andreou: PA rentals,

Costas Broumas: Photographer – Cinematographer,

Dimitrios Dorian: Drums Specialist

Nick Kolomvounis: Great all around-you name it you have it guy



Narkissou 10




+30 2108668190

+30 2108668315


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